What is Green?

Do “Green” Initiatives Have You Seeing “Red”?

Has your company adopted “green” or reduced environmental impact goals?
Are you looking for ways to reduce your ongoing costs and meet “green” goals at the same time?

When it comes to B2B and supply chain automation, there are three things to consider:

  1. The commitment your vendor has made to sustainability.
  2. How your vendor can help you meet your “green” goals directly through paper reduction and IT optimization, and indirectly through reductions in freight expediting, optimizations in production, lower safety stock and more.
  3. You can and should be seeing “green” while being “green” as increased automation will lead to lower operating costs, reduced errors, improved cost to serve, and even to increased revenues.

GXS strongly believes in being green ourselves. 

  1. GXS is committed to being green.  We have reduced our own data center energy consumption between 60% and 80% through a $150 million dollar re-engineering program that also increased the performance and capabilities of our industry leading infrastructure. We also have an internal “Green Team” focused on making our business more sustainable and have joined the EPA’s Climate Leaders Program. We are recycling more, reducing  paper usage ourselves, created low-impact PowerPoint templates to reduce ink and toner usage.
  2. We will reduce your impact on the environment.  Our optimized data centers will be more environmentally friendly than managing your own B2B infrastructure. Automation brings a reduction in errors so you can have more confidence in your business data leading to optimization of production, safety stock, transportation and more. And, working with the Environmental Defense Fund, GXS can provide you details regarding the impact you will have on the environment by automating with GXS rather than using paper for invoices and other supply chain documents.
  3. You will have a more mature and effective B2B program. The Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum showed companies that outsource B2B see an average of over 240% ROI, automate with more partners and have a reduction in outstanding B2B projects. They see lower costs, lower risk and many other financially measurable improvements. GXS Trading Grid combined with our Managed Services solution will provide you a global platform and we’ll begin to deploy a more mature B2B program immediately. And for some companies, a more mature B2B program yields not only improved cost savings but also improved revenue as well.

Contact GXS to see how we can help you increase sustainability and why you don’t have to see “red” when being “green”.